Fire at Jordan’s Meat

There was a fire this afternoon at the former Jordan’s meat plant on Middle Street. The building was in the process of being demolished to make way for a hotel.

According to a report in The Forecaster, “At Duckfat, a restaurant on Middle Street behind Jordan’s, diners were reportedly so alarmed by the fire some tried to leave through the kitchen.”

One comment on “Fire at Jordan’s Meat

  1. Interesting how things are exaggerated. I just sat at the counter when a strong, acrid smell came through the open door. Looking outside, I saw heavy black smoke boiling off the roof corner of Jordans next to the Pepperclub. Duckfat dinners raced to move their cars, the front door was closed and some patrons chose to have their lunch boxed. Then they lost power and management said they were shutting down. And fire apparatus have just arrived.

    Smoke was so heavy that no one could leave through the front door – so patrons were escorted out the back door in small groups. The back door exits were initiated by the crew at Duckfat.

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