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Stacey Cramp has published photos from her visit to Fishbowl Farm and a wild food foraging field trip with Tom Seymour.

Shopping at the farmers’ market is all well and good, but you will appreciate the produce even more if you witness the planning and hard work that goes into each pea you pop into your mouth. If you get the chance, visit one of your farmers on his/her turf and see exactly what goes into growing and cultivating those gorgeous veggies you are eating. I’m guessing they’d be happy to have you take a look around. We’re very grateful to Chris for generously spending his time educating us about a small piece of organic farming.

The Munjoy Hill News has published a brief report on the new Monday Farmers Market.

Veggies, frozen meats, flowers, cupcakes and much more can now be bought at the new Monday Farmers’ Market on Monument Square – pretty much anything you can purchase at the Wednesday Farmers’ Market you can now buy on Monday if you can’t wait until Wednesday.

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  1. Dear Editor,
    Thanks for the mention about the new Monday Farmer’s Market at Monument Square. However, I’d like to point out that the article really appeared on my on-line (only) news service: rather than the Munjoy Hill Observer.
    The two publications are entirely separate entities have nothing to do with each other! My on-line only news service will be two years old the end of June and was started because of a lack of news about the Hill and the great people who live here. So far, its been well received by the public.
    Thank you.
    Carol McCracken, Editor

  2. Carol,
    Thanks for bringing that to my attention and explaining the difference between the two publications. I’ve corrected the post to say Munjoy Hill News.
    Anestes Fotiades
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