Fall Issue of Edible Maine

The latest issue of Edible Maine has hit newsstands. It includes:

  • Advice from chefs on throw holiday parties
  • An article by John Myers on bourbon and rye cocktails
  • An interview with Michael Landgarten, owner of Bob’s and Lil’s in Kittery
  • A profile of David Buchanan, ciderman and orchardist

0 comments on “Fall Issue of Edible Maine

  1. I check Portland Food Map at least twice a day so clearly I like it and depend on it. There are too many incorrect sentences and mis-spellings though. Some get fixed and some don’t. More diligent proofing would be great. Thanks and this is not to say that your efforts are not MASSIVELY appreciated.

  2. Va, Portland Food Map is a one-man operation and most of my writing, by necessity of my schedule, takes place at the very start and end of the day when more errors are likely to creep into my writing. I’d like to say I have a way to address this but it’s unlikely. I’m glad you appreciate what the site does well.

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