Evangeline in Alan Richman’s Blog

The Mitra’s Clabber-Fed Poularde and Poached Maine Lobster Tail dish at Evangeline appeared in a recent post on GQ food writer Alan Richman’s blog Forked & Corked. Richman wrote about his personal exploration of “ethical eating” and lists the “top ten ethical dishes, some from restaurants, some from homes or farms, all enjoyed earlier this year during my ethical-eating travels through America”.

In separate news, Evangeline’s Tastes of France dinner, a benefit for Share Our Strength, that takes place Wednesday night was written up in today’s Portland Daily Sun,

“After participating in Share our Strength Maine’s ‘Taste of the Nation’ benefit for the first time this year and learning about the positive impact the organization is making in our community, I decided I wanted to do more to help,” Desjarlais said in a press release. “… I wanted to share my love of French food and raise money to benefit Share Our Strength. I hope this becomes an annual event at the restaurant.”

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