Egg-o-rama: Photo Montage, Deviled Eggs, Les Oeufs, Hard-Boiled

For this months collaborative food blogging project the group has broken a few eggs in celebration of National Egg Month.

Edible Obsessions – Eggtastic Photo Montage

This months installment of the “O-Rama” series is a celebration of ‘National Egg Month” and these are just a few–a very few–of some of the eggtastic dishes we’ve had over the past six months. I did make a Spanish Tortilla with kale, Chorizo, ramps, roasted red peppers and smoked cheddar, but it had a slight accident in the pan. When the recipe says you have to use a skillet, use a skillet and not a straight sided pan. It’s not as easy to flip and/or slip onto a plate. read the full article

From Away – Deviled Eggs

The deviled eggs I would make for that party were the kind my mom used to make: heavy on the mayonnaise, with a touch of dijon, maybe a spoonful of horseradish, and a sprinkle of paprika for color. They’re perfectly serviceable, picnic-style deviled eggs, good for serving with a dried-out hamburger or a few hotdogs on a Saturday afternoon where the focus of the day is not on food, but on being outside with people you love. Preparing them in such large quantities, however, left me feeling pretty turned off by the whole idea. read the full article

Vin et Grub – Les Oeufs

Eggs. I love them. I can’t get enough of them actually. When I’m stateside, it’s the only food I ever crave, as well as the only food I eat on a regular basis. Even other members of the animal kingdom covet them as much as we do. Foxes are known to steal unhatched eggs to no avail. And you know why? It’s because they’re delicious. read the full article

Vrai-lean-uh – Hard-Boiled Eggs

Back in January when I said that I needed to figure out how to feed myself lunch like a regular human being and not some crazy food-scavenging wild animal, I was imagining salads with fruits and nuts in them, sandwiches with unusual cheeses, maybe grilled. Thus far, my big lunch-related breakthrough has involved hard-boiled eggs. And not in a sandwich (although it’s an important first step for egg salad sandwiches). I mean peeled, on a plate, with some salt and pepper on the side. read the full article

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