Coming to Maine

According to an article on the Press Herald food blog Maine a la Carte, the national food blog will be a launching a Maine branch of its site tomorrow.

“Part of why we decided to call it Eater Maine is we already have a site called Eater Portland out of Oregon,” Steele said in an exclusive interview with the Portland Press Herald. “I think when you look at what’s going on down in Kennebunkport or up on the midcoast or further up, there’s just exciting food happening up and down the Maine coast. I think by calling the site Eater Maine it will let us talk about the areas outside of Portland when they’re really important, but the focus will be the Portland metro area.”

3 comments on “ Coming to Maine

  1. Am I reading this article correctly? The new Eater Maine, covering up-to-the-minute area restaurant news and gossip, is going to be written by someone who lives in New Jersey and vists for one weekend per month during the summer?

  2. They must have some sort of deal with the PPH since Merideth Goad is featured on the site, and sems to be writing all the info. If there is no deal, she should be pissed.

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