Cupping Coffee and Crazy Dick’s

In today’s Press Herald, food writer Meredith Goad reports on the process of cupping coffee. In celebration of Specialty Coffee Month CbD will be holding a pair of public cuppings in February.

“Then you roll it around on your tongue,” Spear said, somehow managing to maintain his dignity while talking like the kid in “A Christmas Story” whose tongue got stuck to a frozen flagpole.

Spear was demonstrating his coffee-cupping prowess for employees at Coffee By Design on a cold, rainy October afternoon. I was invited to participate, eager to perfect my schlurping technique and learn how the professionals use “cupping” to evaluate the aroma, flavor, acidity and balance of coffees from around the world.

And today’s Natural Foodie column is about Crazy Dick’s, a line or organic cajun spices made here in Maine. Crazy Dick’s products are on sale at Harbor Fish Market.

“A large part of what we’re trying to do is create Cajun food in a way that’s healthy,” Curole said.

He acknowledges that people don’t often use “Cajun” and “healthful” in the same sentence – and with good reason. A traditional family-sized pot of shrimp creole can contain up to a dozen sticks of butter, according to Curole.

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