City Food Policy

The Press Herald reports that candidates for mayor and city council will be asked to share their views on food policy at a pair of upcoming  forums.

To state the obvious, Portland is a food city. That doesn’t just mean it’s a fantastic place to go out to dinner, it means anyone who wants to be elected to the City Council or become mayor of Maine’s largest city better pay attention to the politics of food. Next week, candidates will be gathering for two food policy forums for the first time in the city’s history, and they should be prepared to discuss everything from food insecurity to raising goats within urban limits to whether chefs should be able to put moose on their menus.

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  1. Howdy PWM!

    Yesterday saw that Ramen Suzukiya is now open for lunch. 12-2pm I think but not sure what days. I couldn’t park so, no noodles for me.

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