Chili & Chowder Challenge Results

Today’s Portland Daily Sun includes a report on the 16th Annual Chili & Chowder Challenge that took place over the weekend. According to the article, Fire & Ice, Fish & Chop House at the Marriott Hotel took home both the People’s Choice and Judge’s Choice for Chill, Gilbert’s was the judge’s preference for chowder but the attendees preferred the chowder from Free Range Fish and Lobster. The article in the Sun focuses on the family back story behind Free Range’s lobster stew recipe.

Geoff Denley said his family had a hand in inventing the doughnut. More recently, the Denleys and business partner Joe Ray introduced a family recipe for a lobster stew that wowed crowds at the 16th annual Great Chili and Chowder Challenge in Portland.

Also in the Wednesday Sun is an article about the business challenges being faced by the owner of the Back Cove Deli on Ocean Ave.

Two weeks ago, Chris Dougherty’s financing fell through and the Back Cove deli owner was back at square one.

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