Ada’s Portland Closing

Ada’s has announced they’re closing their Portland location.

Portland community and friends: thank you for all of your support and patronage of Ada’s Portland. Going forward, our Congress Street location will be closed as we consolidate our handmade pasta production and activities in the Midcoast with our sister establishments & @mainstreetmarkets.

Special thanks to our staff who helped create something special. We will continue to serve retail and wholesale customers out of our Rockland location, with new and exciting things planned for 2022. Stay tuned, be well, and have a safe and healthy new year. 💛

Anyone interested in leasing the space at 642 Congress St should email

Yeto’s/D&G Closing in Biddeford

Bryan Casale and Jackie Hardin, the owners of Yeto’s and its sister establishment D&G, have announced plans to close both their Biddeford businesses at the end of this month.

We have loved our time at Yeto’s and D&G and don’t regret it. We are extremely proud to have started with nothing and built two successful businesses. We’ve had the pleasure of working with a great staff, many of whom we consider dear friends. We absolutely love Biddeford and this community. But it’s time to recognize the toll that everything has had on us mentally and physically.

Big Sky Closing in Public Market

After 15 years Big Sky has decided to close their operation in the Public Market House effective November 24th. A statement posted in the Market House reads in part,

…We have been on Monument Square for 15 years and  it was a difficult decision to close the store. Unfortunately, the store was unable to rebound from the pandemic. As you know, many office workers in the downtown area are now working remotely and it appears that trend will continue for the foreseeable future. In addition, some businesses have left the downtown area and the result is that our core customers – downtown workers – has substantially diminished. IT is unclear if this will turnaround at some point, but it made sense to close rather than renewing our lease…

One Fifty Ate Permanently Closing

One Fifty Ate (aka 158 Pickett Street Cafe) announced today that they’re permanently closing their South Portland cafe.

WE WANT TO SAY THANK YOU to all our our incredible customers & employees over the past 20 amazing years of our beloved shop.
Unfortunately, we have made the difficult decision to PERMANENTLY CLOSE our doors. 😢
Much of this is a result of the combined effect that COVID-19 has had on our industry, the labor shortage, increased cost of goods, and our need to refocus our efforts on our other endeavors.
We are HONORED to have served the community, and shared many great times with each and every one of you.
Thank you all. So very much.
Stay tuned for updates on “Ashley’s Going Away” & our “Farewell Friends” party. We would love a chance to see you again.
Much ❤️love❤️ from,
Josh, Ashley, Katie & the many years of the pirate crew

To read more about 158 see this recent article in Mainer News.

Coco Cones Closing

Chef/owner MuhammadCasey’ Jabrawi has decided to close Coco Cones, his chicken and waffle eatery located on the second floor of the Public Market House. Jabrawi will be directing his full energies to his other business Paella Seafood on  Forest Ave.

Anyone interested in taking over the Coco Cones space can reach Jabrawi at (813) 998-4433 or, or contact the Market manager at (207) 939-0980.

Pigeons Closing

The owners of Pigeons have announced they plan to close the Washington Ave restaurant. This Saturday will be their last day in business. Pigeons opened on May 12th of this year.

Hi, friends. This will be our last week of service at PIGEONS. Life is certainly not a straight path… but that’s the pain and beauty of it. Thank you to the team behind PIGEONS who created something truly magical. A team full of talent, professionalism, charm, wit and heart.

The owners plan to expand their wine shop, Maine & Loire, into the full space of the restaurant.

Wonderbar and Jonesy’s

The Courier reports on two Biddeford restaurants impacted by the pandemic. Jonesy’s Main Street Cafe is closing March 28th, and the 86 year old Wonderbar is for sale.

The popular landmark’s beginnings are familiar to many. Charlie and Archie Droggitis started Charlie’s Cafe in 1935, selling beer and sandwiches in their parent’s former shoe repair shop location on Washington Street, said Charlie’s son Spiros Droggitis. A couple of years later, Archie bought a mahogany bar in Boston, had it shipped to Maine, and another brother, Ted, suggested changing the name to Wonderbar. Soon, four brothers were involved in the business — Jimmy and Alex joining Archie and Charlie.

MJ’s Wine Bar Closing

MJ’s Wine Bar owner Mark Ohlson has announced that he’ll be closing down MJ’s Wine Bar, and that he’s working on launching a new business.

Thank you for all the laughter, memories, music and conversation. MJ’s was a huge success. We fell in love, dressed up, danced and drank some truly incredible wines. Thank you Portland for attending countless wine talks and crazy themed parties. We conga-lined barrels of wine at the bar and sabered bottles of celebration on the patio. It was the dream I had always wanted and we made it come true. Voted Best Wine List in Portland all seven years we were open (humbling). Named Top 20 Wine Bars in the USA by Wine Enthusiast (super humbling), and most importantly, I got to meet you and spend time with you. Thank you. I am so thankful for everything. And now, it is time to move on. Not because MJ’s wasn’t a success, but because I have a new idea in my head and it won’t leave me alone unless I bring it to life.
See you in May, I hope you like to dance…