Canning Beverages

Today’s Press Herald reports on the expanded use of canning in favor of bottles, including for beverages like kombucha and cocktails.

“Cans are undoubtedly a more sustainable packaging vehicle,” Emmerich said. “They cost less to make. They cost less to ship. They’re more easily recyclable.” Canning is also faster than bottling. Madden said Lone Pine initially hand-bottled its product at a rate of 10 cases per hour. A canning line can produce 40 cans per minute, he said. “All the beer styles we do right now lend themselves to cans,” Madden said. “They’re made to be consumed soon. Fresher is better, and cans promote that idea.”

Maine’s first craft brewery to go all in with cans was Baxter Brewing back in 2010.

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