Breakfast Club Review of The Farmer's Table

The Farmer’s Table received an overall grade of C+ from The Breakfast Club.

overall, my experience at the farmer’s table was highly disappointing. people who come to portland for the first time may be blinded by the great scenery on the picturesque commercial street and be more accepting of a barely mediocre brunch, but if this restaurant wants to make it through the winter with us mainers, they really need to step it up…a lot.

3 comments on “Breakfast Club Review of The Farmer's Table

  1. I could not agree more. As a local I give it a D. Thank goodness someone is writing about it!!

  2. I went there for lunch last week with great expectations. The grilled vege app. with goat cheese was just ok…my $11 ceasar salad was sub-par…too much dressing (appeared to be bottled and did not taste litke a traditional ceasar dressing but some sort of poppy seed dressing?) and instead of nice home-made croutons, was served with two thin slices of french bread (??). My companion got muscles, they were good, as well as the broth, but was not served with any bread for dipping in the broth. Our waitress was a bit curt. For the price ($41!!) it was not worth it, and I will not be returning.

  3. I have been 3 times and will never go back. The first experience was good because we sat at the bar and received excellent service, plus the food was well prepared. Once the second visit, we left and went to Vignola because the hostess was rude beyond explanation. The third visit, they were out of many items, including basic menu selections. The waiter mentioned several times they had served hundreds of people for lunch, which gave the impression I should be grateful they kept their doors open and let us in for dinner. The food was not well prepared, and the service was rude/slow. Needless to say, there are so many other wonderful choices in Portland, I will not waste my time or money at this restaurant.

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