Bourdain Commentary

Chubby Werewolf has posted a detailed and critical commentary on Anthony Bourdain and the No Reservations episode filmed in Maine.

…What I do have a problem with is people who say shitty things about others under the veil of criticism and then can’t even be bothered to qualify their remarks. Take, for instance, the monkfish dish that Mr. Bourdain “didn’t love so much.” What did he dislike about it? Was it not fresh? Was it the taste of one of the components? Was it the pairing of the leeks and red pepper with the monkfish liver? A little bit of information would go a long way here. Ditto on the comment about Mr. Street’s “watery-looking sauce.” Did you taste it, Anthony? Or did you just decide that because you saw something that looked “watery” that it was bad?

6 comments on “Bourdain Commentary

  1. I hope, considering the time the Wolf apparently spent writing the piece, that he’s dropped down $125 to say all of those things in person to A. Bourdain.

  2. This is what Anthony Bourdain does. Perhaps you could beg Samantha Brown to come to town to do a puff piece!

  3. As much as we love Portland’s dining scene and the great food that surrounds us, stop and think a minute that Anthony Bourdain has been a professional chef much of his life, he has traveled the world, eaten everything and dined at the greatest restaurants that exist. Maybe to him, Maine is nothing terribly special?

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