Bon Appetit: Miyake in Top 10

Bon Appetit has included Miyake in their list of the top 10 new sushi restaurants in the country.

Some of the best sushi on the East Coast is at Portland’s Miyake–a former BYOB operation hoisted from its tiny digs and installed in a remarkably elegant new space. There’s a gorgeous geometric birch dropped ceiling, comfy black chairs, and Masa Miyake himself.

4 comments on “Bon Appetit: Miyake in Top 10

  1. Bon Appetit links to but it is broken.

    Ah, restaurants and websites. Even worse than restaurants and paintings. Well on the bright side, there are no crappy paintings for sale on the walls of any of the Miyake restaurants.

    But I wish they (and for that matter every other) restaurants would replace their websites with a simple when/where/what (and maybe also how much) page.

    Or alternatively, spend tons of money on it, while you never update it in time, and it is broken the one time it might actually make a difference, like when Bon Appetit is linking to you.

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