Bon Appetit Best New Restaurants: Central Provisions, Palace Diner

Two Maine restaurants, Central Provisions and Palace Diner in Biddeford, are among the 50 restaurants across the country selected by Bon Appetit as final nominees for their annual Best New Restaurant competition.

Last year, thousands of restaurants opened across America—and after visiting a surprisingly large percentage of them, the Foodist, Andrew Knowlton, has selected 50 as his favorites. (For the full slideshow glory, click here.) They range from oyster bars and diners to a Mekong-Mississippi mashup and a Texas-style brasserie, but the one thing they have in common is this: flat-out, ambitious deliciousness. Which of these 50 nominees will make the Hot 10 list of the absolute best? Check back August 19 to find out.

3 comments on “Bon Appetit Best New Restaurants: Central Provisions, Palace Diner

  1. The Palace Diner, really? I will have to go back then, because the place I visited a few months ago smelled of the greasy spoon food that was being regularly served.

    Maybe the current owners have done a drastic turnaround -hope so.

  2. MB, Next time you’re in Biddeford sit down and have a meal there. They’re serving some of the best diner food you’ll ever have.

    With all the great eateries in Portland I rarely leave the area for a meal but I regularly drive down to Biddeford to eat at the Palace. I’m not alone. Usually half the people sitting at the counter are Portlanders.

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