Bomb Diggity Fundraising Campaign

Bomb Diggity Bakery is raising $5,000 to expand their bakery and social service organization. The funds are being raised on Indiegogo, an alternative crowdfunding platform that’s similar to Kickstarter.

We are hoping to raise $5,000 to help set up our new kitchen location. For the past two years, we have been baking in a commercial kitchen with another local cafe/restaurant. With the growth of both businesses, the bakery needs a new, larger kitchen space. Setting up a kitchen is a lot of hard work and EXPENSIVE! Money raised will help go towards the build-out of our new kitchen as well as towards our ovens, mixers, etc. There are many people ready to put in as much hard work as necessary to get our new space ready, but we need to raise extra funds to help get us there.

From what I’ve heard Bomb Diggity is moving to East Bayside.

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