Bird Dog Roadhouse Closing Temporarily

Bird Dog Roadhouse in Cape Elizabeth has announced plans to “hit the pause button” due to an ongoing staff shortage.

Due to an acute ongoing staffing shortage we’ve reluctantly hit the “pause button” here at BDR. We are not closing. We have a beautiful restaurant, a wonderful location and fantastic guests. Our business is sound. All of our employees and vendors are paid. We are simply pausing restaurant service operations until proper staffing levels can be achieved which we anticipate will occur sometime in the fall.

One comment on “Bird Dog Roadhouse Closing Temporarily

  1. One might think closing temporarily would result in the current staff finding new jobs making it that much more difficult to reopen. Maybe close for a couple days, say Mondays and Tuesdays, to better utilize your limited staff. The “solution” to the staffing problem is probably not to temporally close. Too bad there aren’t 3 Portland restaurants closing soon whose staff might be looking for work that could help out.

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