Beer, Wine, Mead and Spirits

The Maine Food and Drink Ambassadors program is now offering the second class of what will eventually be an 8-course program on Maine food. The first course addressed cheese. This second one will tackle beer, wine, mead and spirits and will be taught by “brewer Tom Bull, meadmaker Eli Cayer, winemakers from Cellar Door and Oyster River Winegrowers as well as distillers Keith Bodine [from Sweetgrass Winery] and Jonathan Forester.”
The course takes place over 2 night at the Bar of Chocolate Cafe on April 7 and 14th. There’s also a repeat of the 3-night cheese course taking place at K. Horton’s in the Public Market House on the 16th, 23rd and 30th of this month. For more information or to sign-up drop a line to Margo Mallar at

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