Bayside Bowl & Restaurant Staffing

The Portland Daily Sun has published a commentary on the food at Bayside Bowl,

Nope, Bayside Bowl ain’t your daddy’s bowling alley. That’s not to say that you have to plow your way through a crowd of Riesling sippers to get your bowling shoes; the menu has juicy burgers, plenty of fries (both white and sweet potato) and an overstuffed chicken chimichanga that can feed two or three people. Bayside Bowl has created a menu for both Portland foodies and those who simply want something to fill the stomach (or absorb that last pitcher of beer).

and a look at a look at some of the internal staff dynamics at restaurants,

Most independently owned and operated restaurants are divided (usually in a figurative and literal sense) between the “front of the house (FOH)” which are the servers, hosts, bussers, food runners, bar staff and FOH managers; and the “back-of-the-house (BOH)” which is made up the chefs — executive and sous, line cooks, salad/dessert people and dishwashers.

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