Aurora Provisions

Aurora Provisions(facebook, twitter, instagram) has applied for a liquor license. Owner Marika Green plans to expand their hours to 7 days a week and serve beer and wine to customers who eat at the popular West End cafe.

3 comments on “Aurora Provisions

  1. Personally, I don’t see too many people stopping into Aurora for a beer. Frankly I don’t understand it and I think they have few worries about Rosemont. Aurora is a gold mine and although some of their items overlap, there’s enough difference that both should do well. Now, Rosemont and Fresh Approach on the same block… that might be a different story.

  2. Rosemont and Fresh Approach really aren’t that similar — I seriously doubt the former is going to carry frozen fish sticks and french fries to give the items that the latter carries. Conversely I don’t see Rosemont doing breakfast sandwiches which the latter does do.

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