Asian Round-up

Live Work Portland has pulled together an overview of some of the upcoming and recent changes to the Asian food scene in Portland.

There’s always a lot going on in the restaurant scene in Portland, but this spring a few news items combined with some developments since the fall all add up to a significant upgrade in our Asian food infrastructure. When people from away think about Maine, Asian food is not what first comes to mind, yet Portland has a considerable South East Asian population and a sizable Korean community as well.

In addition, I’d add that Shanghai Tokyo opened on Congress Street in February and that two additional Asian restaurants are under construction: China Taste on Washington Ave and Top Thai on Saint John Street.

2 comments on “Asian Round-up

  1. I saw a sign on Congress Street near Local Sprouts that looked like a new Asian restaurant of some sort. It was called Goki or something like that.

  2. Yes, it’s called Gogi. They should be going through their final inspection next week and hopefully will open soon after that.

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