Anthony Bourdain at J’s and Street & Co.

According to a Press Herald news update, Anthony Bourdain was in town on Saturday. His Portland eating itinerary included J’s Oyster Bar (see photo) and Street & Co.

[J’s bartender Sandy] D’Alfonso said Bourdain sampled the restaurant’s steamed clams, oysters and mussels. Bourdain’s crew “interviewed him, and he had someone with him who lived in the area,” D’Alfonso said. “They interviewed a couple of the people that work here. He had a good visit as far as I could tell.”

Bourdain’s camera “crew told the staff at J’s that the Portland episode [of the TV show] would be on in April”.

For a first-hand account you can listen in to the Dining With the Duleys radio show on WMPG on Tuesday night at 7:30.

2 comments on “Anthony Bourdain at J’s and Street & Co.

  1. since he’s focused on seafood, my bet for rockland is still conte’s. the guy’s a hoot and so is perfect for that show. plus, he’s a fishmonger by day and chef by night ( good one at that). if it’s not conte’s then tony’s people ain’t doin their job.

  2. I know the shops on Commercial & Wharf St. are the most photogenic, but I can’t help but be a little disappointed that those 2 restaurants are where he went… they are lovely places, but there are so many more that make Portland more than the ubiqutious city with fresh seafood. I can only hope he went other places too, but I’m sure he had a great time in our fair city.

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