Ag Show, Eating Advice and Barbecue

Today’s Press Herald has a report from the 69th Annual Maine Agricultural Trades Show

The annual event brings together a mix of agricultural producers: grass growers, maple syrup makers, alpaca breeders, woodland owners and florists. The crowd is equally diverse, with attendees as likely to be sporting dreadlocks and hand-knit organic woolens as John Deere caps and Carhartt work boots.

an interview with Dr. Peter Knight from True North in Falmouth on how to eat right

“With kids, I find that parents are afraid to change things in their kids’ diets,” Knight said.

The fear, he said, is based on a mistaken belief that little Johnny “won’t eat anything else.” There’s typically some validity to this statement, but it can be overcome by introducing the child to a wide variety of whole foods, allowing the child to select food at the farmers market, and gardening together as a family.

and an article on indoor winter barbecuing with Dennis Sherman from DennyMike’s CUE Stuff.

“Tell that writer that indoor barbecue is an oxymoron,” he said. “There is no such thing”

We laugh. We both know that Davis is correct. But Davis doesn’t live in Maine, where the long months of winter can make true-blue barbecue fans go into withdrawal.

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