Advice from Joe

Joe Ricchio has written a piece for Find.Eat.Drink. packed with advice on “How To Enhance Your Dining Experience“.

Go Late – If you want to dine at a more leisurely pace and time is not of the essence, make reservations for the later seating.
Most restaurants book at least two turns every night, so if you’re going to dine early than you’ll need to be considerate of customers who have reservations on the second turn. The second turn is much more relaxed, though please note that if you’re the last ones left in the dining room and half of the staff has gone home, it’s time to leave.

2 comments on “Advice from Joe

  1. Are you the Joe up on the Time and Temperature building? I thought it was Joe Bornstein becuase of his phone number 1-800-CALL-JOE. No one seems to know and somebody should break that story. Especially if it’s you.
    Love reading the blog.

  2. I’m not the Joe on the Time & Temp building or any Joe. Joe Ricchio writes the blog Portland Food Coma but as far as I know Joe Ricchio, Joe Bornstein and Joe Boulos (the Joe on the building) are not secretly all the same guy. But you never know . . . 🙂

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