A Call for Weekly Reviews

A letter to the editor from Kennebunk resident Deborah Mathieu has asked why the Maine Sunday Telegram doesn’t publish a restaurant review 52 weeks of the year.

With fewer people reading newspapers, I would think the Press Herald would make it a priority to have write-ups that are of local interest and not from the Associated Press, which one can read anywhere.

Really, if you can’t find someone to do a weekly review, then it’s time to have more than one writer.

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  1. Doesn’t the PPH make the reviewer go back if it’s bad? Seems like that would set things back a week every time and they just had a bad review.

  2. The Maine Sunday Telegram has had a note in the paper on the weeks there hasn’t been a review. I think they’ve usually indicated the reviewer was on vacation.

    Being the restaurant critic for the paper is a not a full-time position and the current reviewers has a full-time job outside of his work for the newspaper.

  3. If you want to see him crash and burn, a review a week will do it nicely. Reviewing anything is hard work and I’d rank doing a weekly food review as the hardest of all things reviewed.

    They could hire several more freelancers but managing to find good talent and keeping it is a difficult situation at best.

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