8th Anniversary for the Food Map

Today marks the anniversary of the launch of Portland Food Map. It’s been fascinating to watch the evolution in the food scene that’s taken place since 2007. A majority of tourists now come to Maine for the outstanding options for food and drink. I can hardly imagine what 2023 will be like but regardless, I look forward to chronicling what happens in the years to come.

24 comments on “8th Anniversary for the Food Map

  1. it would be great if it went through a UX overhaul so it didn’t still feel like 2007.

  2. Anonymous, I agree the site could benefit from a design refresh. It’s on my list of future improvements.

  3. Happy Birthday, PFM!!!

    I use your website all the time, and I’m so grateful to have it.

    Thanks for all your hard work~

    Coincidently, it’s the same date as my birthday, too! :-))))

  4. Happy belated Birthday PFM! Thanks for all you do and all your help! Portland is fortunate to have you!!

  5. Happy Birthday PFM! 2years ago I began my daily junkie shot of PFM…how did I ever live without it?

  6. Visit the site every day. I really appreciate all the hard work it must take to maintain this site. Thank you.

  7. Congrats and thanks, Anestes – wonderful to have such a comprehensive and even-handed source of information!

  8. Congratulations Anestes! Thanks for providing the daily thread that keeps our food and bev community up to date on what’s going on. PFM’s long reach to the national media is much appreciated for all the coverage our little corner of NE receives. I appreciate the tenor of your posts; they speak volumes to the professionalism of our culinary community.

  9. Thanks everyone! Know that so many people value and rely on the site is what motivates every day to keep the site up to date and relevant to the needs of the Portland community.

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