3rd Annual Pie and Art Gala

A group calling itself the Portland Pie Council is planning an event on January 23rd to celebrate National Pie Day. The gala promises a fun line-up of activities:

  • Synchronized Interpretive Pie Dance
  • Pie Eating Contest (email portlandpiecouncil@gmail.com if you want to participate)
  • Charity Pie Art Auction
  • Pietry
  • Historic Pie Moments
  • Pie Theatre
  • A ranked-choice voted competition for both sweet and savory pies

The 3rd Annual Pie and Art Gala is scheduled to take place January 23, 5:30 until “everyone is too sated to continue” at the Mayo Street Art Center. Tickets are $3 per person and attendees are encouraged to bring pies of their own to enter into the competition.

Also as part of the Portland celebration of National Pie Day, Ned Swain at the prompting of the Portland Pie Council is offering to dress all day in a pie costume if the public is willing to make $500 in pledges for the Preble Street Resource Center.

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