3 Restaurant’s Path Through the Pandemic

Today’s Maine Sunday Telegram takes a look at three restaurants and their path through the pandemic: Broken Arrow, Maine Street Steak & Oyster and Old Port Sea Grill.

“At this point, we realize we are going to have to live with the scenario for a while,” said Kim Lully, who owns Maine Street Steak & Oyster with her husband, Sunny Chung. “Back in 2020, every couple of months, we were thinking, ‘It’s almost over! It’s almost over! It’s almost over!’ We are finally realizing it isn’t going to end abruptly one day. We are going to live with it, and hopefully make the best of it.”

Over three months this winter, we periodically checked in with Broken Arrow, Old Port Sea Grill and Maine Street Steak & Oyster. These are their stories.