3 Businesses Temporarily Closed by Health Inspector

According to a report from the Press Herald:

Three waterfront businesses were temporarily closed down on Thursday after the city’s restaurant inspector found evidence of a “serious rat infestation.”

The Porthole, Comedy Connection and the Harbour’s Edge banquet hall were closed after Portland’s restaurant inspector Michele Sturgeon noted excessive and repeat food violations.

2 comments on “3 Businesses Temporarily Closed by Health Inspector

  1. And grass is green. All you had to do was actually look
    In the kitchen and know eating wasn’t a good idea. Delivery guys have told me horror stories for years.

  2. I’ve eaten at the Port Hole dozens of times including their all you can eat fish fry on Fridays without a single problem. They a tually did one of the best breakfast omelets anywherebin the city.

    I do wonder given the underside of most of the wharfs down there how widespread the vermin problem is among the myriad restaurants there.

    By the way, the feral cats had very little, if any, effect on the rat problem as no feral cat is strong enough to tackle those rats!

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