20/20 Charity Wine

The Portland Phoenix has published an article about the 20/20 Charity Wine event, a collaborative venture run by five Maine wine distributors.

While the charity component is central to this event, organizers also see this as an opportunity to educate Portlanders about wines from different regions of the world. Many of the wine producers emerging from both Portugal and Spain have moved away from mass production and into specialty, high-quality “terroir” wines, from specific regions with distinct characteristics, says Jon Dietz of Belfast-based Easterly Wines. These specialized wines are what Easterly and the other four small wine distributors who participated in this event hope to bring to the attention of Portlanders.

The first 20/20 (taste 20 wines for $20 dollars) was held March 21 at The Salt Exchange. The next 20/20 will be co-hosted by Cinque Terre and Aurora Provisions and is taking place May 16

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