10 Years Ago in May

Here’s a look at the top stories from May 2008:

  • John and Brendan Ready won the National Young Entrepreneurs of the Year award from the Small Business Administration.
  • Local 188 bartender John Myers won the B&B 70th Anniversary Master Mixologist Showcase for his cocktail The Touchable.
  • Caiola’s started serving brunch.
  • Captain Mowatt’s won the People’s Choice award at the Cajun Hot Sauce Festival.
  • The Merry Table opened on Wharf Street.
  • The Phoenix reviewed Gaucho’s Churrascaria “What would you pay to have a handsome young man wearing a sash around his hips anticipate your every need for about an hour? At Gauchos Churrascaria it goes for $30, and it comes with meat. Drinks are extra. A lot extra, actually. And drinks help.”
  • Novare Res opened.
  • Nabisco ceased production of the Crown Pilot crackers.
  • The Grill Room opened in the space formerly occupied by Natasha’s.

3 comments on “10 Years Ago in May

  1. At completely the other end of the spectrum, when I was at Auto Europe in the late 90’s we often ate from the business that was then in the Grill Room/Natasha’s space: Box Lunch (a branch of the business on Cape Cod). Another favorite was On-The-Go Bagel, where the owner delivered bagel sandwiches (and excellent mac-and-cheese) on his bicycle from the tiny Bresca / Piccolo place next to the police station.

  2. I ate at Gaucho’s—too funny, had forgotten all about that strange experience.

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