10 Years Ago in June

Here’s a look at the top stories from a decade ago in June 2008:

    • The Wine Flight 5k training runs started up. These were a series of light runs that were “training” people for the 5k which took place in October 2008.
    • Demolition of The Village Cafe began. The Village Cafe was run by the Reali from 1936 until 2007. The land it was on is now occupied by condos.
    • PETA put out a press release claiming they were going to build a lobster empathy center in the Somerset County Jail, “Visitors to the center could voluntarily have their fingers rubber-banded together, and then they could walk into a dirty tank where they would be pressed up against other visitors to simulate conditions for lobsters in supermarket tanks.”
    • Andrew Zimmern was in town filming segments with Rob Evans, Sam Hayward, Rick Tibbets, Masa Miyake, the Deathmatch crew, and Rabelais for his show Bizarre Foods.
    • Prost! International Tap House opened.
    • The Clown closed their wine shop on Middle Street.
    • Mark’s Hot Dogs, celebrated their 25th anniversary.

6 comments on “10 Years Ago in June

  1. I think Jen has done a good job launching the new Bow Street wine dept. on Forest Ave. and so I guess I’d have to say that’s my go-to here in Portland now. I drink a lot of Italian wines (go figure) and she’s really gotten a good start on her selection, I think.

  2. We’re only a few months away from my 10 year move-iversary, I can’t wait to see the updates for things I remember!

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