10 Years Ago in December

Here’s a look at the top stories from a decade ago in December 2008:

    • In their list of 2009 food trends Epicurious declared “Portland (Maine) is the new Portland (Oregon). Abundance of great chefs, restaurants, and local foodies? Check, check, and check. Want examples? Visit Five Fifty-Five, Hugo’s, and Fore Street to start.”
    • In response Portland Oregon blogger Patrick Alan Coleman wrote “I’m challenging Portland, Maine, to a fight. If they want our gold leaf coated, slightly salted, smoked chocolate crown, then they’re going to have to come over here and take it! I dare ’em!”
    • Portland clocked in at #7 on a list of beer towns with 1 brewery for every 15,706 people. I imagine the ratio is a lot smaller now in 2018.
    • Mims Brasserie and The Kitchen both closed.
    • After a very long time under construction, Corey Jones opened Loco Pollo. It was located in the space currently occupied by Terlingua.
    • Maine Roasters Coffee and Freaky Bean Coffee Co., which merged their operations in 2007, went their separate ways.
    • The Phoenix named Emilitsa the Best New Restaurant of 2008.

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