Winter Weekends in Portland

The Boston Globe advises Bostonians (with a recent negative Covid test) to drive North for a visit to Portland.

Want to give your love life a shot in the arm, figuratively speaking? One word: Portland. (You were expecting Paris? Get real.) Part of this recommendation is sheer sentimentality: The gorgeous, laid back Pine Tree State has been the backdrop of much of our romantic history, including sailing trips, country inn and hiking excursions, and assorted kissy-face getaways with our significant others. And Portland has an added benefit, an excellent dining scene. So even if the romance doesn’t sizzle, you’ll have had a great meal or two. Portland in winter may not ring everyone’s romantic chimes, but we set out to see if the city could work its mushy magic on a couple of bedraggled souls who haven’t had a haircut since February 2020.

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