Wine & Meatball Tasting

Mister Meatball has posted a report on the meatball and wine tasting he organized with James Beard Award-nominated sommelier Scott Tyree.

The sommelier, who had barely touched his own frosty beverage, quickly displayed a far more complex understanding of our mission. I became hip to this when he brought out a crisp pad of paper, a pen and a pair of what I would describe as handsome yet rather stern-looking reading glasses. This must have rattled me more than I was aware because as our waitress delivered my newly opened beer I instructed her to please go ahead and bring me another at her earliest convenience.


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  1. Thanks. I always hope for a variety thread to add something to.

    Oh, and the GoBerry coming soon signs are on the window in case you think I’m making up another one, lol. Great reviews of their places online. Let’s see how that and Gorgeous gelato do during the cold winter months.

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