SoPo Restaurant Expansion Rankles Some Neighbors

The Forecaster has published a report on how local residents feel about the growth in restaurants in the Willard Square neighborhood.

The arrival of several restaurants along Cottage Road has left a less-than-savory taste in the mouths of some neighborhood residents who are worried about traffic, parking, and an increase in alcohol sales.

“This is the greater Portland area coming into South Portland,” Elsmere Avenue resident Pamela Jordan said last week about congestion created by people dining at restaurants including Elsmere BBQ and Wood Grill, across the street from her home.


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  1. A foodie scene is a positive one. It brings jobs, a place to eat, and supports local farmers and businesses. Support your local flavor.

  2. “At what point are you becoming a big city instead of a small city?,” he said.

    Umm, think you got a ways to go.

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