ROC-ME Shuttered & Solo Dining

Today’s Portland Daily Sun reports on the demise of ROC-ME, the group supporting the suit against The Front Room.

People familiar with the situation, including several former ROC employees, say the group closed its doors in recent weeks after failing to secure grant money necessary to continue operations in Maine. Some also credited the closure to a divide between the organization’s local and national branches over the Front Room campaign and other efforts. Still others noted a national focus on immigration issues that didn’t play well in Maine.

The paper also includes recommendations on solo dining in Portland.

One of my favorite things ever is to sit at a table with a view, a chilled cocktail, my journal and an appetizer none of my friends would like. Other times dining alone involves a business trip out of town in strange settings with my nose stuck in a book or people watching.

Either way, for whatever reason, the “table for one” has been a long overlooked market in the restaurant business.

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