Next Step Forward for Food Trucks

The effort to allow food trucks to operate in Portland took another step forward yesterday. According to an article in the Press Herald a proposed set of policy recommendations were approved by the Creative Portland Corporation board by a vote of 6-1. The recommendations will now be forwarded to the City Council Health and Recreation Subcommittee for review.

If the committee likes what it sees, it will place the recommendations into an ordinance, which it will send to the City Council for final approval.

“A lot of good work has been done in a very short period of time,” said Christopher Campbell, a Creative Portland board member, before voting yes on the recommendations.

For additional reporting read the food trucks in Thursday’s Portland Daily Sun.

One comment on “Next Step Forward for Food Trucks

  1. I think food trucks might be a good idea… if there is no hostility toward the brick and mortar restaurants that one has recently referenced in a comic posted on a facebook page. Restaurants and food trucks should be able to coexist in harmony!

    Needless to say, I’m excited for Portland to develop into an even foodie-r community!

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