One comment on “Hood’s $10k Cooking Contest

  1. Isn’t anyone disgusted/outraged by the fact that Hood, a corporation that embodies everything that the Portland food scene is aiming to distance itself from, is hosting their event here? I mean, Hood is everything that local and organic is not. It is the ultimate corporate food product that has been a huge culprit in wiping out the local diary farmer who used to be a staple in Maine, a state once prized for it’s production of dairy. And not only in Maine, but across the country this corporation plays a major role in factory farming and the mistreatment of animals. I’m not a crazy person, but this I know, there is cow puss in the milk because the cows are pumped with hormones that cause their bodies to malfunction and overproduce milk, creating an excess of fluids that go into your dairy products!!! Ya, I would like $10,000 too, but is it really worth it?

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