Farmers Out in the Cold

An article in the Food & Dining section of today’s Press Herald explores Portland’s lack of an indoor winter farmers’ market.

First Brunswick and Bath and now Falmouth and Cumberland have charged ahead and found suitable sheltered venues to allow their farmers markets to operate through the coldest months and give residents easy access to Maine-grown eats. In contrast, Portland is now entering its third season of an every-other-week subscription winter market that takes place outside, no matter the weather.

I wonder if the Public Market House could provide some room?

One comment on “Farmers Out in the Cold

  1. So have you seen the second floot of Public Market House? Apparently not.
    Though nicely done, there’s hardly free space for one farmer, let alone a true farmers market. And with no freight elevator, what a pain it would be to put product up there.
    There’s no space down town that would fit a winter farmers market as Portland doesn’t have the under used mill space that Brunswick does. Even the new Ocean Gate on the waterfront isn’t really that big.

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