Comments to FTC Re: Trader Joe’s

Friday’s Press Herald includes a report on the public comments flooding into the FTC on the proposed sale of the Wild Oats building to Trader Joe’s.

“We want it, we want it, we want it!!!” Meredith Cohen of Hallowell said in her posting. “I was told I should write to show my support for Trader Joe’s buying the old Wild Oats building so here it is. Please, please, please! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

2 comments on “Comments to FTC Re: Trader Joe’s

  1. Could someone explain to me what TJ’s will bring to Maine that we cannot already get from other vastly superior sources? I’m not necessarily talking about Whole Foods here either. I wonder if all these eager beavers have been to Rosemont Market or the Farmer’s Markets, or if they really just REALLY NEED some dehydrated trail mix.

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