Fictional Hot Dogs

Chubby Werewolf has posted his list of 6 people he’d like to see design a Blue Rooster specialty hot dog.

With the Blue Rooster Chef Series an undeniable culinary success—and perhaps preoccupied with the notion of building many a fantasy football roster in the weeks to come—I found myself wondering, “What if they do this again next year? Who should participate?”

With that said, here are five (completely fictional, non-existent) hot dogs that I’d like to see the next time around…

Fictional Food

“What’s this one?” Mummel asked, holding up a brown bottle with a ship on the label.

“That’s a new beer that’s so hip it doesn’t even have a name,” Ethan said. “It’s made privately by a friend of mine in South Portland who’s seceded from the United States so he doesn’t have to pay taxes.”

From this week’s segment of Port City Chronicle, a serialized novel that appears weekly in the Portland Daily Sun.