This Week’s Events: Bearded Bar Night, UFF Dinner, Phoenix Awards, Symphony of Soil

TuesdayThe Bearded Lady’s Jewel Box will be the featured guest at this month’s Tandem/Rosemont Bar Night.

Wednesday — Vinland will be preparing an 8-course UFF Dinner, Allagash is holding an event to benefit the Preble Street Resource Center, the 15th Annual Best of Portland Awards Show is taking place, and the Monument Square Farmers Market is taking place.

Thursday — the Great Lost Bear is showcasing beer from Baxter Brewing, and there will be an Austin Street tasting at the Bier Cellar.

Saturday — the Deering Oaks Farmers Market is taking place.

Sunday — there will be a screening of Symphony of the Soil followed by a panel discussion including author Eliot Coleman at the Museum of Art.

For more information on these and other upcoming food happenings in the area, visit the event calendar.

If you are holding a food event this week that’s not listed above, publicize it by adding it as a comment to this post.

5 Responses to “This Week’s Events: Bearded Bar Night, UFF Dinner, Phoenix Awards, Symphony of Soil”

  1. Dave Says:

    This Thursday at theGLB is Baxter Brewing. Boothbay is next week.

  2. PFM Says:

    Thanks for the heads up Dave. I’ve made the correction.

  3. Kate @ BBF. Says:

    And my book, Portland Food: the Culinary Capital of Maine, is available for purchase on Tuesday, May 13th. It can be found at independent bookstores in Portland and Books-A-Million by the Mall. Thanks!

  4. Stephanie Says:

    The Miyake pork dinner was canceled.

  5. PFM Says:

    Thanks Stephanie. I just got a message from Miyake about that.

    I was so looking forward to the dinner. I hope they’re able to reschedule.