The North Point & Piccolo

Eat Maine has published a review of The North Point, and

As Noah Talmatch points out, there are a lot of fantastic places to eat in Portland, but those aren’t necessarily the spots you go to kick back and socialize. And while we have some great neighborhood bars, even the best pub grub can feel heavy after a few too many UFOs (unidentified fried objects). It was with this observation that The North Point, a casual yet decidedly Parisian flavored restaurant, was born.

Maine a la Carte blogger Meredith Goad has written about the cheese selection at Piccolo.

They’ve only been open about three weeks or so, and this was my first visit. I decided to indulge in the cheeseboard, and these cheeses, imported from Abruzzi by Bob Marcelli of Marcelli Fromaggio, were so outstanding I thought I would share them with the other cheese lovers out there so you can go try them if you want.

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  1. shel Says:

    The link to the North Point doesn’t work – think there is an extra I in “poiint”.

  2. PFM Says:

    Thanks for the help Shel. I’ve fixed it and the link should work now.

  3. shel Says: