New Food Blogs: Diningsense and Map & Menu

There are two new food blogs writing about food in and beyond Portland:

  • Perceptive Dining Diningsense plans on examining  “the ways in which Maine restaurants inscribe themselves within the national culinary landscape.” The author has kicked off the blog with a review of Back Bay Grill.
  • Map & Menu is produced by a Portland-area couple to share their travel and dining experience in Maine and across the country. They’ve recently posted a review (and some beautiful photos) of Petite Jacqueline.
  • Post updated to reflect name change for Perceptive Dining to Diningsense.


3 Responses to “New Food Blogs: Diningsense and Map & Menu”

  1. S. Says:

    Wow… Perceptive Dining seems really important.

  2. ChubbyWerewolf Says:

    Just an FYI —

    “ is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this blog.”

  3. PFM Says:

    It’s still there but the author changed the name of the blog today to better reflect the spirit of what he’s trying to write about and it had the unintended impact of breaking the link. I’ve updated the link.