Under Construction: Spread

A new restaurant named Spread is under construction at 100 Commercial Street. The location was formerly the home of Gaucho’s and before that of Oolong.

Spread’s owner is Jung Hur who has been the head chef at Fuji for several years. Spread’s menu “will consist of a blend of American and¬†Asian cuisine.”¬† A draft menu (page 46) was submitted along with the restaurant’s liquor license application.

8 Responses to “Under Construction: Spread”

  1. Joe Ricchio Says:

    Does the name “Spread” make anyone one else chuckle?

  2. hmm Says:

    that place should be called Meat.

  3. John Says:

    How about “meat and spread”?

  4. Nick Says:

    I saw that there are leased signs on both sides of where Apsara closed on 339-345 Fore Street. Any idea who’s going in?

  5. PFM Says:

    Nick, no I haven’t heard anything about it. Do you know if anything is planned for the old Wild Burrito’s spot on Congress?

  6. nick Says:

    I thought that’s where Matt’s coffee was going? I never matched up the numbers, just assumed.

  7. PFM Says:

    Matt’s will be across the street in what used to be the Susan Maasch gallery.

  8. Sharky Says:

    Very disappointed to learn this ain’t gonna be a full-on real Chinese eatery. Will Maine EVER get one? Dim sum, anyone? Please?