Twins, Triplets and Quads

The recent launches of Boda and Sonny’s are reminders that a growing number of Portland area food business are tied together by some degree of common ownership. Some of the connections are readily apparent such as Harding Lee Smith’s three ‘Room’ restaurants which share a single website and others are little less visible.
Note: I’ve continued to keep this list up to date as the business landscape continue to evolve (March 2011).

Here are the budding food empires that I’m aware of:

There are probably others, what am I missing?

18 Responses to “Twins, Triplets and Quads”

  1. Bob R. Says:

    I thought that Pat’s and the Cafe at Pat’s were under entirely separate ownership, just sharing the building.

  2. PFM Says:

    Thanks for the correction Bob. I’ll remove them from the list.

  3. UM Says:

    Standard Bakery and Two Fat Cats are related to Fore Street/Street and Co.

  4. Benjamin Says:

    How about pom Thai on congress?

  5. Michael Barrriault Says:

    Cinque Terre & Vignola

  6. Nick Says:

    Are you sure that Standard and Fore Stree are connected besides the location?

    Shay’s was opened by the owners of the Crooked Mile but they sold it but the name is still the same.

  7. Dawn Says:

    I love that you keep track of stuff like this, Anestes!

  8. shel Says:

    Didn’t they open Standard in response to demand for the bread?
    Ooh i miss Scales!

  9. Nick Says:

    Looks like we have the website for Pat’s in the old port, still under construction….

  10. Pete Says:

    With Havana South opening at the former Iguana’s space, Mike Boland is at the top of this list with 6-8 locations!

  11. PFM Says:

    What are his other restaurants beyond Havana and Havana South?

  12. UM Says:

    Standard, I believe, use to be where the bar of Street and Company currently stands. Street and Company was also using 2 Fat Cats pies.

  13. kv Says:

    I think Sengchai Thai on Forest Ave. and Thai Chef Buffet are the same, but it doesn’t matter now cause I think the buffet is closed.

  14. prs Says:

    I would add Seadog to the Shipyard list…

  15. PFM Says:

    Bar Lola and Hilltop Coffee added 4/19/2010
    Seadog Brewing added 4/20/2010

  16. PFM Says:

    Free Range Fish and Lobster and Ocean House Market added 5/23/2010

  17. Jeff Says:

    Walters and the soon to be opened gingko blue

  18. PFM Says:

    Good one, I’ll add them as soon as Gingko Blue opens.